Why established “Brassiere Shop”?

There are varieties of lingerie brands in Hong Kong but how to make a good choice for fabulous and cozy undergarment to get fit? Fabrics, cutting, design, durability and prices are the requests of your choices? Brassiere Shop established by an inspiration from an ancient French word “brassiere”, paraphrases as “a bra”.

Years, Brassiere Shop focuses on stylish women and men. We seek to offer unique selection of magnificent comfortable lingerie, swimwear, sleepwear, camisole and chemise from Europe. The size and cutting are especially fit for Asians. We have fabulous pieces for you to enhance your own personality. Just feel free and enjoy your shopping in Brassiere Shop. Our prices are reasonable considering all those products are in high quality.

How does Brassiere Shop purchase unique selection from Europe?

Undergarment material can be said undergarment is the second layer of the skin.
In luxurious quality of lingerie is cozy and durable.
Wearing undergarment too long, if the fitness too loose, too tight or too long for wearing should not be ignored. It may caused discomfort and affect our health.
Suitable cutting: Can performance attractiveness. Styles mix and match: Can express personality.

Is it the same important compare with undergarment and casual wear?

Some said lingerie just a piece of garment beneath your normal clothing. You do not have to bother pay attention on that. The fact is the lingerie under your fashion is the key to lighten up your individual style. In all these years Brassiere Shop always focused on the lingerie’s materials and cutting fit for the customers. Women would like to spend time seeking for any cozy and trendy undergarments. Men would expect their companion in fabulous and stylish lingerie, camisole or chemise. Imagine lingerie is not only a piece of undergarment; it is the foundation of fashion.

Why make a visit to Brassiere Shop?

Brassiere Shop emphasizes unique selections and best qualities with affordable prices. Size or cutting is fit for Asians. Trendy pieces can brighten up your own personality. You will love to get or to give. Feel free and enjoy your shopping in Brassiere Shop.